Posada del Sol

About Posada del Sol

Costa Rica is considered one of the most visually stunning destinations on the face of the earth. It’s also one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. Encompassing only 19,730 miles2, it’s not unheard of for people to watch the sun rise over the Caribbean Sea, then get to watch it set over the Pacific Ocean. The country contains 20 National Parks, 8 Biological Reserves, numerous protected wildlife areas and many of the most stunning views and beaches in the World.

At the beginning of the nineteen thirties (1932), the grandfather of the Vargas family, Don Rafael Vargas Pérez, emigrated from the county of Atenas to the mountainous zone of San Pedro de Turrubares in the province of San José. Now, eighty-eight years later, the heirs of this magnificent land are offering a select few the opportunity to live the dream in harmony with nature.

Nestled in the majestic hills of San Pedro de Turrubares is Posada del Sol, an exclusive gated community just 45 minutes outside the capital, and less than a half an hour from the hottest beaches in the Central Pacific Coast. It’s beautifully surrounded by the Carara National Reserve and boasts a privileged climate, rivers, exotic flora and fauna, wildlife and breathtaking views of the ocean and mountainous rainforest. Frankly speaking… Turrubares is what some may call the essence of Costa Rica and what has continually made the country one of the top destinations in the world for tourist, retirees and those seeking a more relaxed way of life. “Pura Vida!”

As a new project community Posada del Sol is perfect for those wanting to “get away from it all”, but still be within striking distance of every kind of amenity and support service imaginable. The area itself is one of the most eco-diverse in Costa Rica and offers 5 micro-climates at various altitudes; perfect for those wanting to enjoy the fresh mountain air or simply to experience a serene and secure lifestyle that is in complete harmony with nature.

Turrubares is proudly home to 80% of Carara’s Natural Reserve, just a short distance from Posada del Sol. With conservation of the beautiful landscape and native biodiversity as a main priority of Posada del Sol, there is no doubt that you will find A Dream Nature experience that is yours to keep.


About Turrubares, it's people and the Area

Costa Rica has a rich and diverse culture steeped in tradition. Costa Ricans (“Ticos”, as they call themselves, a word meaning ‘small’) are very social, peace-loving folks who go out of their way to help others. It has been determined that Costa Ricans are some of the happiest and longest lived people in the world.

Within the San Jose province of Costa Rica and halfway between the Central Pacific beaches and San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica), you’ll find Turrubares, the 16th “canton¨ (town).  “Turrubares” is an Indian word meaning “several grasses,”  and the town of Turrubares as well as the Turrubares River, were named in honor of the last great Indian chief (or “cacique” in Spanish), Chief Turrubares.

Turrubares was founded in 1920 and occupies 116 mi2 within thousands of acres of beautiful untouched natural Rain forested Mountains and valleys. The town shares borders with other major towns, including Mora, Puriscal, Atenas, Garabito, Orotina, and Parrita.  Within Turrubares lies Caraca National Park and Biological Preserve. Turrubares has many distinct micro-climate and is also one of the most ecological areas of the country.

Turrubares is growing in popularity with retirees and eco-conscious second home owners who want out of the chaos of the larger cities. Many Americans and Europeans have moved to Turrubares to optimize the incredibly low real estate prices when compared to other cities in Costa Rica. The low prices are attributable to Turrubares’ small population and rural community. For some retirees, the decision to retire in Costa Rica (and experience the language and culture of a foreign country) is quite enough adventure and excitement in itself.  These retirees appreciate the peacefulness and quietness found in this friendly community.   This peacefulness, along with the incredible weather that Costa Rica is known for, attracts people to settle in this area. Residents tend to enjoy longer life-expectancy rates than persons living in other parts of the world (including those living in the United States), which they attribute to the great weather, abundance of fresh produce, and the stress-free environment.

The relaxed lifestyle is apparent in that some people still use horses to drive their cattle and to get around. The Spanish dancing “tope” horses are the pride of those who have them, and you might see a “cabalgata” or parade of these horses with skilled riders (Jack Daniels is usually present too!) if you happen to attend a fiesta.

Speaking of fiestas! The population of Turrubares are highly social and enjoy their fiestas and “feriados” or holidays. Saturday mornings are market days, where everyone meets… the men shake hands, the women kiss on one cheek. On Sundays there is usually a “futbol” game in one of the local parks, and everyone is “pura vida”.

The women of Turrubares are excellent cooks, proud of their “typical” foods. If you visit a local “soda”(open-air restaurant) you might try a “casado”, a plate of rice, beans, salad and your choice of chicken, pork, beef, or egg. Tamales wrapped and steamed in banana leaves are traditional here, especially at Christmas, and a delicious rice pudding called “Arroz con leche” is AMAZING!